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Letter From Secretary

APEC Energy Ministers Conference:
Turning Vision Into Reality


As APEC Member Economies begin to prepare their energy sectors to meet the internal and external challenges of the 21st Century, U.S. Department of Energy Secretary Bill Richardson will host the APEC Energy Ministers Conference May 10-12, 2000 in San Diego, California. The theme for this Ministerial will be turning vision into reality, which refers to the implementation of policies to foster the creation of the energy infrastructure to meet the economic and environmental needs of the 21st Century. The Conference will focus on strategies to implement existing policy commitments and to enhance investment in clean and sustainable energy development, on opportunities for regional energy market integration, and on continued transition to a market-oriented business climate. The region's energy ministers, and representatives of the private sector, multilateral institutions and nongovernment organizations will work together to create a vision for the 21st Century that will support clean and sustainable energy and economic development.


The Conference is planned for three days and will consist of three parts. The first part will be an interactive discussion involving senior government, industry, and financial representatives who will participate in plenary and roundtable discussions. Speakers will address critical issues on investment in clean and sustainable energy development and use, regional energy cooperation, and attracting private sector investments. The second part will be a meeting of Ministers only where the Ministers will discuss, among other things, the implementation of existing energy policy commitments, a clean energy statement, and policies required to create the investment climate for infrastructure development. Thirdly, APEC energy companies, energy ministries and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) will have the opportunity to participate in exhibits of energy technologies and services.Information Technologies, such as cutting edge websites such as that allow the business consumer compare business gas rates to source the cheapest supply og gas on a daily basis



Attendance is projected to be approximately 600, with representation by international and regional organizations such as the World Bank, International Finance Corporation (IFC), and the Asian Development Bank; Energy Ministers and representatives of APEC member economies; and private sector representatives from the UK and other region's major electricity, oil, gas, renewable and energy efficiency, energy service and coal companies.